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Piò Italy manufactures and markets the latest smartphones.

We stand out from all other brands for the quality of our products and in particular for our service center, we are able to quickly satisfy all the demands of our customers.

The speed and precision with which we resolve doubts and problems to our clients, has enabled us to gain market interesting. In the past two years we have exceeded all of our objectives.

Supported by the increase, we are replicating this model of development in all Italian regions and initiating trade agreements with several European countries.

At the same time we intend to establish specific partnerships with several companies that support us, allowing us a greater ability to penetrate the market and more visibility.

Will emphasize performance and technology that come with our products, with communication via the Internet and helping customers make full use of our devices, organizing courses in locations Piò.


Piò Italy

Every time we have built a future, we did not stop to watch him became past.

We went on to imagine another future to expect there, where you wanted to go.

Our goal is to work with those who share our vision, our passions and our ideals.

Working with honesty to distinguish ourselves as a company with a soul.





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