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National-TV reportage of company - Piò Italia


The " Piò Italy ", founded at the beginning of 2013 in Italy, following the transition of "Witness" made against him by another company, "Piò", founded in 2010 with headquarters in Costa Rica from 'inspiration Angelo Scialpi, who as a result of serious heart and especially a recent history of surgical procedures, decides to address his prayers to St. Pio of Pietrelcina, who appeared to him in a dream. And 'so that the link with the "Holy" of his native homeland becomes more and more intense, and I decided to devote the same, beyond the name itself (Piò), hagfish whole of life that is rooted in their professional activities.

In 2012 Piò  'had a capillarization within the Costa Rican territory by 65%, with 50% of the realized product intended for' export (in other countries such as Panama, Chile, Brazil, Miami). The tsunami and the earthquake that afflicted those areas in the same year, destroyed the entire company without being able to break down the intent, initiative and strong motivation of Scialpi, who returned to Italy, he decided to start from scratch and to avail in this new and exciting climbing, the entrepreneurial capacity of a dear childhood friend: Francesco Gabriele.

The new and exciting venture launched in Italy is to develop and market smartphones, tablets and useful applications for next-generation devices.

Hallmark, technological devices designed and produced, is the very high quality / price ratio, which allows to impose the competition. Offering affordable device much lower than those imposed by competitor companies and high performance, they are guaranteed "step to step" by certified maintenance centers and after sales affiliates.

The speed and accuracy with which the "Piò Italy" solves doubts and issues referred to it by customers has led to the emergence of a genuine relationship of trust between seller and consumer, allowing the progressive grab more and more significant market shares. The business result was even exceed their expectations.

In the wake of this the increase, the goal set in the field is to replicate the model implanted in the region of origin, within the entire national and international level.

The products are assembled in Asia and finished in Italy (Fasano-Apulia) where, having built the software, and performed this test, continue with the graphics stage, boxing and distribution to various outlets.

Historical context

The company was founded in January of 2013 by Francesco Gabriele working alongside his great friend and business partner Angelo Scialpi.

With the initial market world was immediately satisfactory impact, so much so that the "Piò Italy" to give rise to a dramatic increase in investment in order to meet the urgent demands of advanced devices to consumers.

The company has initiated the activity initially proposing a fairly limited number of smartphone, but soon, thanks to the high approval of a growing band of customers and taking root within a generous market niche the same company has started to enjoy with traditional sales of communication devices, including tablets and watches, so much to offer today a wide range of products suitable to meet all requirements: from the demanding of one who aims to get maximum in terms of performance from the instrument used, in order to make matching a traditional use of the same to a technical and specific, to that of one who instead needs an effective and satisfactory product of their needs but which has inter alia a cost very accessible.

 Corporate goal and guideline

The business goal and the guideline are to provide technology products, such as smartphones and tablets, with outstanding technical performance, while expanding exponentially the range of products offered, trying to periodically remove further percentage from the sales price so as to allow with even more easily purchase and consequently the competitiveness of sold devices.

One of the major strengths of the company is represented by the program undertaken to provide free of charge, to each buyer of brand products "Piò Italy", a course aimed at ensuring the correct use of the devices and built to measure the customer, thus taking into account the starting levels of each. This would not only allow anyone to overcome the initial mistrust towards technological devices, it allows you to fully learn the procedures for the use of the same, to be able to exploit, without any difficulties, the high performance provided.

Story of company

 - Piò Italia

A prestigious award for the PIO 'Italy was the participation of Angelo Scialpi speaker at the First International Seminar on





The seminar was held at the Parliament-Italian Chamber of Deputies-Refectory Hall May 28, 2014 and was promoted by the Hon. Fuchsia FitzGerald Nissoli and the Coordinator of Cultural Tourist Corridor Productive Italy Argentina Nicola Moretti, assisted by Martino Ostuni adviser of the same corridor. Angelo Scialpi has reported on the birth and development of the PIO 'Italy in an International starring the first places in the world this extraordinary brand Made in Italy and represented as having creative insights, entrepreneurial qualities and passion, you can do business in every corner the planet. The group PIO 'Italy was also represented by Francesco Gabriele, for trade with the Americas. The seminar highlighted as changes in global economic equilibria geo, you can highlight changes in the approach of the Italian industry towards the "Americas" of the north and south. Particularly highlighted was also beside strengthened relationships of exchange, where the Made in Italy is more and more space in the various markets there are new trends in investment and collaboration of the different economic realities. In these areas they move and are more and more road Corridors Production, Cultural Tourist between Italy and the Americas. The meeting was opened by the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Mario Giro, with speeches by Mr. Fuchsia FitzGerald Nissoli of the Foreign Commission, the Hon. Fabio Porta, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Italians abroad, the on.Valentina Grippo, President of the Tourism Commission, Fashion and International Relations of Rome, Capital, economist Thierry Vissol, the Italian Representation of the European Commission, representatives the Embassy of Canada, Brazil and Argentina in Italy, respectively Federico Bordonaro, and Carlos Gustavo Westmann Cherniak, Ambassador Guido Lenzi of the American Studies Center in Rome, the Vice General Council of Puglia in the World, Alessandro Calaprice, the Director of "Res Tipica" ANCI, Luigina Di Liegro, the Coordinator of Productive Corridor, Tourist and Cultural Italy- Argentina, Nicolas Moretti, the journalist Mia Rowan, the President AUPIU, Adriana Bisirri, the Founder and CEO "Learn Italy Group", Massimo vetch, the Executive Director Abcnet, Dora Maria Penaloza Yabur, the school manager, Anna Maria De Luca, the President of the Italian Emigrants and Family, Giuseppe Abbati, the General Coordinator Roma Design Lab, Giuliana Bottino, Professor of Technology production cycles Univ. "Roma Tre", Maria Claudia Lucchetti, the professor of the History of Contemporary Architecture, University of Rome "La Sapienza", Stefania Tuzi Portuguese, the President of the Center Social Analysis and Head of the Italian Network Design and Network Universitates Mercosur, Augusto Chiaia, the journalist and writer, Tiziana Grassi, the Deputy Secretary General of the CGIE for Anglophone Countries outside Europe, Silvana Mangione, Member of the general Council of Italians Abroad, Alberto Di Giovanni. The seminar is also sponsored by: Corridor productive-cultural tourist Italy Argentina, Catedra Libre productivo Corredor Turístico Cultural Italy-Argentina's National University of La Plata, Aitef, General Council Pugliesi Worldwide Puglia Region, from "Learn Italy Group" and by the environmentalist "Ambientevivo".

Italian Parlament - national newspaper article

Italian Parlament - national newspaper article - Piò Italia
Piò Italia

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