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THE project Piò Encryption is designed to play an idea of ​​its developer A.S.

Telecommunications interception has developed significantly in the last two decades. Intelligence agencies and private organizations in all countries routinely intercept calls that may yield sensitive political, military or economic.

The telephone interception use has become so extensive, simple and uncontrolled by having to assume that records of your private calls end up in the wrong hands. Equipment for wireless interception of mobile phone calls has become available at such low prices that is deployed frequently even in comparatively small business.

For the security of their phone conversations, cell phone Piò Encryption is the best you can find on the market, because it allows you to add a high level of protection, ensuring the interception risks becoming increasingly common when using a cell phone unprotected. Unlike an encrypted phone that operates on voice data, encoding it and making them unintelligible to any external listener, the mobile phone instead Piò Encryption protects the phone itself, making it untraceable phone, and life impossible for those who would listen.
 This is achieved thanks to the exchange rate of the IMSI-IMEI (identification code communicated to the cell phone carrier), but above all thanks to an elaborate analysis algorithm of the telephone network to which you are connected. The wiretaps can be based on the IMSI-IMEI number or the phone number. Therefore, in the case where the interception is used for the IMEI-IMSI number for the attachment, change the SIM card will be of no help, since it is the apparatus itself to be intercepted.

The equipment normally used for telephone interception of environmental cell as the tracker IMEI / IMSI and GSM Interceptor, working on the level of C2, posing a new GSM cell to which to engage. The C2 value (redial criterion) is used to determine if a new cell is to be selected for engagement. If the value of the neighboring cell is higher than the cell on which it is already connected (for a period longer than 5 seconds), the phone will lock the new cell.
Piò Encryption activated mode 'Automatic is able to generate for each call a new IMSI IMEI-code and new info to establish conclusively and not partial system, doing so is like changing phone for every phone call you will go' to effettuare.Inoltre the device is devoid of any of geocalizzazione system such as GPS / AGPS-EPOGPS-YGPS which allow the localization step by step.

In addition, the Piò Encryption also allows to encrypt the SMS, so as to protect them from all external interception, by means of an application internal to the device. In the event that there has been, during this condition, an exchange of encrypted SMS, you can rest assured that the message will be completely incomprehensible and unrecoverable
The company does not meet the IMEI number change. The phone comes with original IMEI and any modification falls under the control of cliente.L'azienda is exempt from responsibility for any misuse.




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